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MNIG emerges as a hardcore/metal band whose roots are to be found in the derivatives of both genres.
As most members have different musical backgrounds the result of their efforts has come to create of a very own sound with a large range of musicality in which a balance between heavy riffs and melody intertwine.

RIFRAF music magazine has compared the band to greater gods like
Pantera or Machine Head with a dash of Mastodon, but some even recognize
Black Sabbath or Deftones in their music, which underlines their hard-to-label image.

The line-up change that has followed shortly after the release of the 2012 EP, leaves MNIG without a bass player and while looking for replacement a second guitarist Kevin Meylemans (Unleash The Fury) joined the band instead. About one year later the band is ready to hit the studio again to record their first single “The Astronaut” at Red Left Hand Recording Studio, that is accompanied by a DIY music video.
For this occasion the bass player Dimitri Daggelinckx (The Rudy Trouvé Septet) is attracted.
When, in April 2013, Kevin leaves for London and Dimi decides to join the band permanently,
a new MNIG line-up becomes fact.

In their Spring 2014 edition, the leading Belgian POPPUNT Magazine mentioned MNIG as one of the bands who excel with their own brutal and energetic sound and in March of that year, the band played a highly appreciated gig at the invitation of the Antwerp Metalfest organization.

With this actual four-piece the creative hunger grows fast and makes them search for a companion, which is found in Frank Rotthier (Diablo Blvd., Your Highness, Bliksem, Toxic Shock, Black Swarm),
to record the new CD.
The mastering was done by Uwe Teichert who is known for his work with dEUS, Arno, Placebo,
Public Enemy and more recently The Sore Losers, Drums are for Parades, Wallace Vanborn
and Gruppo Di Pawlowski.

First reactions to the album seem promising:

Ashladan spoke about (in Dutch):
"een beestig album dat de hele metal- en hardcorewereld op zijn kop zet! Een perfecte mix tussen mysterieuze (stoner)metal, zware solo's en verschrikkelijk harde breakdowns. Deze sound is zonder twijfel uniek en blijft een hele tijd binnen je gedachten rondzweven.
Zeker een band om in het oog te houden."

Merchants of Air is also very excited:
"buy this album! It shows a band that has been growing and evolving in the past few years and will probably continuing to do so. MNIG is a band that found a perfect balance between power and melody. The album was well-varied and as heavy as the cover promises. If these guys get the exposure they deserve, they really might Become a fierce competitor in the Belgian (and why not European) metal scene."

ROCKTRIBUNE wrote (translated from Dutch):
A debut album bursting with groove and
atmosphere. A musical mix of Mastodon,
Deftones and Black Sabbath with a touch of
Pantera and Machine Head


This new album takes the band to another level and they burst of adrenaline to play live in 2015!


Former and actual projects of the MNIG-members are:
Diablo Blvd, Alughana, The Rudy Trouvé Septet, Moïst, Satiagraha, …

With these bands shows have been played at:
Dour Festival, Suikerrock Tienen, Rivierenhof OLT Deurne, Vooruit Gent, Trix Antwerp, Mano Mundo, ...
and more to come!


BART Vervaele .......... vocals
MARC De Block ........... drums
WOLF Gleissner ........... guitar
DIMITRI Daggelinckx .......... bass



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